Education & Culture

BSc, MSc. from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology,  Haifa

Master’s thesis, “Assimilation of International Styles in Finnish Modern Architecture – Functionalism of the years 1930s”. Advisor: Professor Gilbert Herbert with the support of a scholarship in Helsinki, Finland

Operates an independent architecture firm, specializing in public and educational buildings

Projects include: day care centers, kindergartens, elementary schools, comprehensive schools, special education schools, adult day centers, libraries, synagogues etc

Advising architect to the Israeli Ministry of Education, guiding and approving plans for educational buildings
Advisor to the Israeli Registrar of Architects Institute
Licensed as Accessibility advisor

Architect Gavriela Nussbaum


Adjunct Senior lecturer in the design studio, Faculty of Architecture and Town planning, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa Guest lecturer in Munster School of Architecture Germany, and in the Caribbean Winter School, student workshops in Havana, Cuba


Guidance booklet, “Vertical school structures”, Ministry of Education. Design guide for mixed uses of public, commercial, occupational and residential buildings, Ministry of Housing


Representative of the Israeli Architects’ Association in the UIA working group, “Educational and Cultural Spaces” Knighthood medal “The order from the Pink Rose” by the Finnish government and honorary sign by the Israeli Architects’ Association